Montgomery Womens Facility Is Worse Than Tutwiler

An inmates statement about Montgomery Womens Facility, revealing allegations of sexual abuse, inappropriate sexual relationships between officers and inmates, medical neglect and financial inaccuracies on inmate accounts.

Since 2007 Montgomery Women’s Facility has had many sexual allegations against officers having sexual relations with inmates. These officers were transferred to male facilities. Since 2007 officers Brown, Shine, Woods, Taylor, Munderlin and SGT Lewis were transferred because of sexual allegations.

Then in 2015 an inmate came forward to tell about her sexual relationship with officer McMillan that went on for three years. And through this, several other officers were exposed. Three were women who knew of the relationship but didn’t report it. They were officers Rowe, Bogan and Haywood. They were transferred to male facilities. SGT Whatley and Captain Smith were exposed for sexually harassing the same inmate. SGT Whatley and Captain Smith were transferred to male facilities.

Officer McMillan was transferred to a male facility. They, the Alabama Department Of Corrections refused the inmate counselling and she ended up, cutting herself up. How is it these officers kept their jobs and suffered no legal repercussions?

Why hasn’t any outside investigations happened? This place is crooked. The officers and supervisors make up their own rules and ignore the regs. Montgomery Womens Facility has only two full time white officers and two retired white officers who work part-time.

The staff here is racist against whites. The PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act) representative  here is Lieutenant Bendford who cannot be unbiased towards those she works with and eats lunch with and hangs out with all day. Anything goes here.

This place is very unprofessional. We have problems with our mail being read by the person who runs the canteen, Ms Steele. She then shares whats she read with the inmates who work for her. She harasses inmates who report her and when that is told, nothing is done.

We cannot keep a mail person here due to Ms Sullivan who is in charge of inmates PMO Accounts. Then when we lose a mail person, it is Ms Sullivan and Ms Steele who do our mail and half the time the mail doesn’t get done. Ms Sullivan doesn’t post our money when she is supposed to. Money comes up missing in our accounts yet no one who is in charge does anything with our complaints.

Officers as well as Supervisors make racist remarks to us white inmates and nothing is done. Nothing is done when reports are made against black inmates making racist remarks against white inmates. There is no consistency here. Officers make up their own rules according to how they are feeling that day. We need outside intervention.

Please someone help us! Healthcare is very neglected against us. We have to fill out three sick calls before we can see a provider. They don’t like giving out antibiotics. Inmates who have an abscess in their teeth have to wait several months before they can go to Tutwiler to  see a dentist, to get antibiotics. Their faces are swollen and they are in severe pain and yet healthcare refuse to give an antibiotic.

If we make complaints against healthcare, they move us back to Tutwiler, stating we need too much medical attention. We are charged $4.00 for each sick call and charged $4.00 for each medicine they give us. Yes we are inmates but we are human beings too. We are tired of being abused and neglected.

Transcribed by admin, from a statement by H. B (Identity withheld for fear of retaliation)
These allegations show direct violation of at least three Alabama Department of Corrections, Administrative Regulations, namely AR228 AR318 AR454


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