Animals are treated better than us

Every morning, Monday – Friday all 300 of us gets kicked out of the dorm at 7am so a few inmates can clean the front of the dorm and our bathroom. We are left outside till 08.30 and 9am. We only have 14 tables that will sit roughly 70 inmates. The rest of us have to sit on the ground. We get kicked out while its cold and even if the ground and tables are soaking wet from rain. The only time we don’t get kicked out is if its below 32°f.

Statement form an inmate highlighting the daily routine in Montgomery Women's Facility
Statement form an inmate highlighting the daily routine in Montgomery Women’s Facility

They don’t take into consideration of the wind chill. During the summer we have no shade and are forced to be in the sun for 2 hrs. We clean our own living areas yet we’re forced outside when its wet, cold, windy or when its hot and humid. The officers start yelling at us at 06:15 to get in compliance and to get out. Yet regs state compliance time is 08:00 but we are forced at 07:00. The officers snicker and think its funny that they herd us out.

Our roof leaks in over a dozen spots. We have to move our 300lbs beds when it rains, so we won’t get rained on. Once again, we live in worse conditions than animals.

On 3rd shift, which is 22:00 to 06:00 they torture us with the lights. They won’t turn the lights off till 23:30 or 00:00, then they cut them back on at 01:00 to count, then again at 03:00 and they remain on all morning. We are sleep deprived.

On our pill line, there are over 70 of us, yet the officers will call everyone up there at one time creating a cluster of people blocking aisles. Some of us will go as the pill line goes down to about 15 inmates, yet the officers will prevent us from getting our meds, saying we are late to pill line. Yet how can i be late to pill line, when pill line is still going? The night before last, a Sgt. actually wrote up an inmate for taking her medicine after she came to pill line, when the line still had 10 inmates in line. We are not to be refused our meds, yet we are at Montgomery Women’s Facility.

We still have problems with gay female officers having relations with inmates. I walked into the bathroom and witnessed a female officer watching an inmate get out of the shower and watched the inmate dry herself off, in a come on manner. Then the inmate walked right up to the officer and shook her goods. The officer smiled then licked her lips. This same inmate will be in this officers face AND they will converse the officers whole shift. The same officer has several other inmates that she flirts with.

Our canteen lady has verbally assaulted 3 inmates in less than 2 weeks and threatened to hit one with a huge rock that was in her hand. And yet she is still here tormenting us. She had one inmate in tears after calling her a heifer and then hit her with a pen. Another inmate she called fat and ugly and picked up a rock to hit inmate with. Another inmate, she embarrassed her by referring to the inmates greasy hair.

The girl, crying, reported it to our grievance officer who told her she didn’t have time for trivial stuff. The inmate that was threatened with a rock, wrote a written statement, with witnesses statements yet the canteen lady is still working here. She has a history of verbally abusing us but the powers that be keep all this in-house, neglecting their positions. We need outside help.

transcribed by admin from a statement from an inmate (identity withheld for fear of retaliation)

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