Statement alleging racism and special treatment, rife at Montgomery Women’s Facility

  • I have seen numerous white women go to Sgt. Jene for bed changes, who had legitimate reasons for the move just to be told No! On these same days i have seen black females go to Sgt. Jene and be moved with absolutely no hesitation.
Statement alleging racism and special treatment, rife at Montgomery Women's Facility
Statement alleging racism and special treatment, rife at Montgomery Women’s Facility
  • When i slept in the SAP area up front Lt. Mason came and made a white girl who had already had permission to have been on the bottom bed move, and told her she had better not see her on a bottom bed again. This girl had been on this bunk through 2 bed rosters and had never been asked to move. She moved off the top to begin with because her top bed win the corner was falling in. This girl did not have a bottom bunk profile, but the very same day Lt. Mason let a black girl move from top to bottom, also in the SAP area who also did not have a bottom bunk profile. All it came down to was the color of skin.
  • Also, when i slept up front in the SAP area before Sgt. Snow became Sgt. and was just an officer, she closed both bathrooms at the same time for cleaning. No one could use the restroom and a bunch of women were waiting. A white girl couldn’t hold herself anymore and went in the big bathroom to use it. When she came out (officer Snow) at the time, Now Sgt Snow actually put her hands on the little white girl and jerked her out of the opening of the door. The white girl demanded to see a Sgt. or Lt. and was not allowed to see one. I’m not sure what happened after this, but officers should not be allowed to put their hands on any of us inmates, we’re people too who are being punished already by being here and the guards try to find any reason to punish us or degrade us more than we already are.

  • During my 7 months here at Montgomery Women’s Facility i have seen numerous ladies forget their condiments in the canteen line. However when Mrs Steele is working the window, i have seen her send white women back to the dorm or the end of the line, when they come back to the window for condiments they forgot to get, when she always gives black women theirs. She seems really prejudice towards white women to me from what my own eyes have seen.
  • This past week there was 8 women who did not get their yarn to go  through because Mrs Sullivan nit picked and had no reason to send our requests back. 4 were sent back because Mrs Sullivan mixed our orders with others requests and so because of her mistake, she denied us all. Now keep in mind Mrs Sullivan is black and all 8 womens orders that were denied without adequate cause, were all white. Not one black woman was denied, that i saw. But this seems to become a reoccurring problem, month after month now.
  • And please tell me why here at Montgomery Women’s facility, if you fail a drug test for weed or alcohol you only get a disciplinary but if you fail for anything else you go back to Tutwiler and to segregation. Is Montgomery Women’s Facility saying certain drugs are OK, not as bad as others? Its telling us drug addicts to change drugs and it will be OK. Isn’t it a drug is a drug is a drug and all drugs destroy?
transcribed by admin from a statement by an inmate (identity withheld in fear of retaliation)

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