“Sweet Home Alabama”

Where the golden rod grows
a seed is sown
hate blooms
and violence strikes before noon

Yellow hammers sing their song
you're never right, though they're always wrong
envy greets you with a smile
pain is your companion for a while

Pride waves from the state flag
children carry sloth, in their lunch bag
textbooks are trash
vanity pays cash

Marijuana is the teacher
alcohol is the preacher
crack is the governor
meth is the senator

Carelessness + boredom = jail
heat x humidity = hell
greed and gluttony, simmer in the crockpot
lust and sex have hit the jackpot

Dentists are extinct, the stereotype is real
every backyard has a barbecue grill
everything is sworn on the bible...
where satan holds daily revivals

Lack of morals = upmost saint
politicians + cops = piranhas in a tank
15's in the trunk, candy coated cars
you'll only find "peace", if you rot behind bars

Can is not a word but failure is the objective
your "best friend" is probably the lead detective
the smell of defeat is in the air
hope battles daily, with despair

"Whites Only" are not pieces on a chess board
the sign still hangs by the grocery store
Oh, the land of the "good ol' boys"
where pipes and needles are children's toys

Money outweighs justice on every scale
bids have been placed, many souls to sell
there is no exit, only an entry
compassion hangs from a noose of an oak tree

© Jessica L. Kelly 7.29.15

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