Serious Lack of leadership and accountability at Montgomery Women’s Facility

How is it Lt. Mason, who has given cash to an inmate to buy her a drink (against regs), still holds a position of power to abuse? How is it Lt. Bendford, who got Lt. Mason to cover up the fact an inmate found Lt. Bedford’s cellphone , is now in charge of investigating grievances inmates file against officers?

Inmates statement alleging widespread flouting of ADOC regulations and procedures
Inmates statement alleging widespread flouting of ADOC regulations and procedures

Why are the sidewalks cracked and broken up and are a safety hazard and no one will fix them after several falls from inmates and their visitors including a 6 month pregnant woman who fell on her belly?

Why is it that the officers and supervisors do whatever they want and inmates complaints fall on deaf ears? Why do we have cameras when no one is watching them? Why does Sgt. Jean still hold her position when she is unprofessional, cursing inmates and her officers?

How can Sgt Jean ask an inmate who reported sexual abuse, ask the inmate how big the officers dick was, and still work at the facility as one in charge? Why are we at Montgomery Women’s Facility being abused and ignored? We need outside help, desperately.

Transcribed by admin, from an inmates statement alleging widespread disregard and malpractice of Alabama Department Of Corrections regulations and procedures, her identity withheld for fear of retaliation

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