An inmates prayer for help at Montgomery Women’s Facility

To All:

I write in hope that all who read this, take it to heart. When a person loses their liberty and becomes incarcerated, the punishment is the loss of said liberty. According to Websters New World Dictionary, the definition of liberty is “Freedom from slavery, captivity etc.”. A particular right, freedom etc. The definition for inmate is “A person confined with others in a prison or mental institution”. The definition of prison is “A place of confinement for convicted criminals or persons who are awaiting trial”.

A prayer for help at Montgomery Women's Facility
A prayer for help at Montgomery Women’s Facility

Nowhere in these definitions or even the law does it say that during an inmates loss of liberty whilst being confined to prison, is it acceptable to abuse, mistreat, belittle or otherwise punish an inmate. Here at Montgomery Women’s Facility all of the above and worse take place. The reason people, yes i said people, here don’t speak out is because they are in fear of retaliation.

There are posters all over this facility about PREA and extortion. It is for show only. They went through PREA “Training”. They say they know what is supposed to happen, how we are supposed to be treated, but do as they please anyway. It is all for show for the Department Of Justice, lawyers and Commissioners, They do not follow it.

I personally know things about this place, things i have been through and have witnessed, but to come forward would be huge retaliation. All you have to do is look at the outcome of one inmate who came forward, to see how said retaliation degraded her. It mentally, physically and spiritually broke her down and left her feeling even more abused.

All the way from administration employees to officers and supervisors. I hope that now there is people out there who are willing to post these things publicly, an outcry will take place, forcing others to step in. Commissioner Wendy Williams and Commissioner Jefferson Dunn, please see and hear what is being done and said. Talk to us without others around. Be willing to hear and accept and indeed fix this place.

They are shutting down Tutwiler, where do you think those officers superiors are going? Here! This place is as bad as Tutwiler, worse in some cases. The “Old School” mentality of being able to treat us inhumanely, is just switching camps, thats all. If the cameras that have been installed are so efficient at catching wrong-doing and you are really trying to make this place a safe environment, why not make the footage a “live feed” to the public, where our families can see how we are being treated?

Maybe the Department Of Justice will see this and step in. God knows and he is who i pray to, we need somebody. Prayerfully.

Transcribed by admin from a statement by inmate P.Q, identity withheld in fear of retaliation.






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