When i reported the abuse, i became an outcast amongst societies outcasts

Montgomery Women’s Facility (MWF) has more problems than a small camp such as this should have. Last month (February 2016) we had another one bite the dust. Our S.P.R (Pre-Release) Sgt. was escorted off premises for having sex with his charges, those female inmates under the S.P.R program. He wouldn’t report their dirty urines (Urine Tests) in exchange for sex.

An inmates account of the abuse that occurs at Montgomery Women's Facility
An inmates account of the abuse that occurs at Montgomery Women’s Facility

This month, March our canteen lady who is employed by the state, picked up a rock and threatened to hit the inmate who was at the window getting her canteen store. Nothing happened of course. She gets to treat us any kind of way, calling us names, cursing us and at times refusing to fill our canteen store because she doesn’t feel like it or is angry at us. Captain said she’ll “investigate” but she is just as crooked as the rest here, who works here.

Captain barters and trades with inmates, even calls some of them her “children”, showing favouritism to some inmates and then others she lets get abused by her officers. Today our visitation building was taken over by our Healthcare, that we call Death care. Their trailer has been condemned over a year and today we inmates who were having art class, we were kicked out and then made to move all the furniture (chairs, tables, a 1000 lb. piano) over to the shift office. The visitation building also held our classes as well as Church. Why can’t D.O.C purchase another building? Where is all the money they claim to have?

Mental Health Case Alert: We have an officer here on 1st shift who constantly yells that she hasn’t had her mental meds for the day and not to mess with her. She tells she doesn’t care who we report her to cause she doesn’t care. She says we can call PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act), I&I (Investigative and Intelligence division), the Commissioner  or our lawyer, but she will still get her pay check. Her moods are bipolar and many of us are afraid she’ll come in one day and go postal.

Slowly, they’re switching male officers with female officers, claiming this should cut down on officer/inmate relationships. Yet they’re replacing male officers with lesbian officers. We had 2 female officers get into a fight over an inmate. We have female officers wearing men’s cologne. To what purpose? Who are they trying to attract? Us inmates?

Lonely Among 300. I lost my freedom 14 years ago, yet i still have 11 years left to endure. These past 14 years has left me used, abused and misused. Time alone inside prison wears the heart down. I was also used and abused by officers and inmates which almost broke me. But when i reported the abuse, i became an outcast amongst societies outcasts. I have a few that has stood by me but even with them, i still feel all alone. It was that same loneliness that had me letting an officer sexually use me anyway he pleased a few years ago. Instead of receiving love that i was craving, i received feelings of shame and worthlessness. Suicidal thoughts plagued me. No one to turn to or to talk to. Some days feel like suffocation and my nights are without love, understanding, belonging. This loneliness is consuming and leaves me hopeless. I count each day to my release date AND PRAY that God will carry me to it and beyond.

Transcribed by admin from a statement by an inmate (Identity withheld for fear of retaliation)



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