Mail clerk rejects letter containing “nudity”

An inmate received a mail rejection slip from the mail clerk yesterday evening. The rejection slip stated that an item within the envelope contained an image that is prohibited as it displayed nudity. The husband of the aggrieved inmate was dumb founded, and taken aback trying to recall what he had enclosed in the offending envelope along which also contained a recent publication depicting the many names of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Picture depicting "nudity", rejected by the mail clerk at Montgomery Women's Facility
Picture depicting “nudity”, rejected by the mail clerk at Montgomery Women’s Facility

Then it dawned on him, the picture that he had included was the Crucifixion from the Weingarten Missal, 13th century, showing the four evangelists’ symbols in the corners. It shows a very Old Germanic style, before the influence of the Italian Renaissance.

So, in accordance with Alabama Department Of Corrections policy, the inmate, not knowing what the image was of, or indeed the identity of the mail clerk who deemed this as an offensive image,  is supposed to be able to have the offending item returned to sender, at the inmates expense of course, otherwise it is supposed to be held and then  destroyed after 30 days.

Its a pity that ADOC employees and Officers aren’t as diligent in their duties of care and protection of inmates health and well being as they are at withholding images depicting “nudity”.


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