Officers can scan and insert false and malicious documents into our files

Here at Montgomery Women’s Facility bullies are everywhere. Us who fall victim to the bullies and report it, are told we have to have witnesses to verify the bullying done to us. I was verbally attacked by another inmate right after our PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act) video. This inmate called me names, made fun of my body and mocked me for some PREA incidents i had reported. She then came to the shower i was in to threaten me bodily harm. I left the shower in tears. The officer right outside the bathroom heard everything yet did nothing.

Experience with bullies at Montgomery Women's Facility
Experience with bullies at Montgomery Women’s Facility

I reported all this to our PREA rep and she called me a liar, said i had no proof, the officer who witnessed it said she heard nothing. I left in tears feeling hopeless. The next day, the inmate who got into it with her employer, the notorious canteen lady, threw my canteen at me for retaliation. I reported this as well and nothing was done. I was told to walk with a “bodyguard” at all times, so if the bullies picked on me again, i would have a witness. What bully picks on another in front of others?

This inmate violated everything that PREA says another inmate cannot do to another inmate, yet that inmate still resides at Montgomery Women’s Facility, bullying still. Overtime she passes me, she bumps into me, trying to instigate something. I say nothing because it does me no good to report to ones who are crooked and cover up stuff.

Every officer has access to our computer files. I’ve seen this with my own eyes. The powers that be say they do not, but i watch officers all day and night look up inmates as well as male inmates at other camps. These files contain our parents info, where they live, where they work. It contains our PSI which is a report of our crime. We are then treated differently in a negative way.

These officers can also scan bad reports about us into our files without any proof of anything. The parole board has access to this which can cause us problems. I had an officer that i was reporting constantly as abusing us, make up something about me and had the classification officer scan it, then supposedly the warden wrote in my file, that he had talked with me about the matter, but all of that was false.

The Feds provide money for us to have cameras for our safety. Yet we have cameras that still don’t work and no one is monitoring the cameras. They won’t or can’t even roll back the cameras to view incidents that has happened these past few weeks with officers and the canteen lady, who picked up a rock and threatened to hit an inmate.

Transcribed by admin from a statement by C.W (Identity withheld for fear of retaliation)

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