D.O.C (Dummies Over the Convicted)

Mass confusion is an everyday occurrence inside the walls of Montgomery Women’s Facility. There are rules written out in the S.O.P’s (Standard Operating Procedures) that aren’t set forth and then there are rules given by the Warden, the Captain, the Lieutenants, the Sergeants, and Officers. On a daily basis a new rule is issued and usually unbeknownst to all inmates, therefore most are unaware.

Alabama D.O.C (Dummies Over the Convicted) an inmates statement alleging blatant disregard for rules and regulations at Montgomery Women's Facility.
Alabama D.O.C (Dummies Over the Convicted) an inmates statement alleging blatant disregard for rules and regulations at Montgomery Women’s Facility.

We never know which rule to go by because there aren’t any memo’s posted and most of the rules are contradictory to other rules. We also have to be aware of Staff members (Cynthia Steele) reading confidential mail from an inmate to the warden, to another inmate, which could have caused a major uproar between the two inmates. There’s no one here to trust with crucial problems that arise.

There are posters, posted everywhere stating that we should report our concerns about abuse and extortion, but when we do, the accused is forewarned by the P.R.E.A (Prison Rape Elimination Act) Officer Lt. Bentford. The accused lies and states that there was no such of an occurrence and then the investigation is thereby dropped. No witnesses for the defendants are ever called.

On one occasion during a P.M smoke break, Officer Williams walks through a crowd of inmates who are smoking “Spice“. She makes the sound of a siren, forewarning the “Smokers”. On another occasion, Officer Dickerson walks by a table outside where there are about 10 inmates who are smoking “Marijuana”. She passes them by to go to an inmate who is sitting in an open “wooden closet” to tell her she can’t sit there.

The roof here leaks in several places throughout this warehouse causing a 130lb inmate to have to move her 300lb bed by herself. This effect makes inmates have to sleep together so they don’t get rained on. They have attempted to patch the roof, but when they walk on the roof to the spots that leak, it causes other leaks elsewhere.

Classification Specialists (Ms Howard and Ms Felton) are responsible for assigning inmates to state jobs. They perform what is called “Job Board”. They tell the inmates what job they’re to do, but the inmates do not report. Classification is therefore supposed to enter the job title in the computer, beside the inmates name so that Officers and Staff members can call upon the assigned workers. This task is not completed by Classification.

Approximately 35 inmates out of 300 actually have to maintain this facility because Staff Members can’t do their jobs. Classification can’t even classify inmates correctly, nor can they give out correct information regarding an inmate.

Transcribed by admin from a statement by inmate P (Identity withheld for fear of retaliation)

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