The warden refuses to listen to cries for help.

I was just released form the Montgomery Women’s Facility yesterday, 06/07/2016. The medical staff there has got to be the worst in the world. I spent 1 1/2 years in pain and sick only to find out last month I had “some kind” of mass in my side. I was given meds that I was allergic to, causing serious side effects. I have witnessed individuals become ill and need immediate attention and told to put in a sick call.

The heat inside the warehouse is over 100 degrees as we speak. Yet when organizations offer to donate a/c systems they are turned down even though women are falling out with heat exhaustion. Rules change not just on a daily basis but on the same shift from officer to officer. Why? Because the officers are allowed to run this camp, not a warden.

This facility is supposed to be for work release, yet over half are not. This facility currently houses 300 people in an 75 x 95 tin building. It is filthy, over run with rats, roaches and flies. The septic system must be emptied at least once a month and the fumes are toxic. There is a constant gas leak outside the building that causes nausea and head aches.

The water is from the prison next door and is constantly being shut off. State jobs are not assigned to age appropriate individuals. Often women over 50 will be put on outside/inside grounds working harder than some men. Not only are women punished for infractions with write ups they then must do extra duty. Does not matter if you are smoking in an unauthorized area or have a dirty urine the punishment is the same.

Expression for your needs or own welfare is forbidden.
The medial staff refuses to communicate with mental health even though its the medical nurses in charge of medication. The food served is the poorest quality I have ever witnessed. Boxes say grade F. Few vegetables, no fruit and certainly nothing fresh.
Since the new warden has arrived Captain Moore has managed to take every privilege she can think of away from the facility.

We often wait months for state issued clothing causing us to have to wear t-shirts and under pants with holes or none at all. Bleach is not even used to wash the cloths causing laundry to be returned dirty and smelly. Inmates are not allowed to wash and hang up laundry therefore this leads boils, rashes and who knows what else. No soap is provided in the bathroom to wash your hands.

We are forced to put on our full uniform to stand in the blazing sun to use the phone, pick up laundry or canteen. This is supposed to be “Corrections” not “Beat her down more than she was”. There are few programs available and the ones that are seldom do not have sufficient staffing.
Classification officers are not there to guide and seldom keep programs updated for our benefit.

The warden refuses to listen to cries for help.

Transcribed by admin from an email by F. Allen

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