Stop The Abuse. Please, We Need Outside Help

Here at Montgomery Women’s Facility we have been suffering sexual abuse, yet when we speak out we get ridiculed by our peers. Officers treat us like its our fault, we walk on eggshells fearing retaliation and the guilty Officers of abuse, are only transferred. Our story becomes well spread between the inmates and other Officers at the other female facilities – Tutwiler and Birmingham Work Centre.

Statement alleging systemic abuse at Montgomery Women's Facility
Statement alleging systemic abuse at Montgomery Women’s Facility

There is no peace for us anywhere. One woman spoke out here about her suffering of sexual abuse form an Officer as well as mental and emotional abuse from his co-workers and she became ostracised from inmates, from all 3 female facilities. The Officer she reported, told her if she ever told, he would make sure that she was protested at each parole hearing.

In Alabama, if one has protesters then the individual is denied parole and put off for 5 years. Here at Montgomery Women’s Facility we also suffer verbal abuse from Officers as well as employees who work here.The employee who runs our canteen, abuses us constantly. She has cursed some of us, calling us “bitches and hoes”. When we report her, she retaliates by “losing our store slip” and prevents us from getting our food and hygienes.

The other day, a girl left the canteen in tears after this employee called her a heifer and told the girl she could talk to her anyway she fashioned. Then a few minutes later this employee was yelling out another girl, telling her to get her greasy hair head away from her. These girls went to the Officer who is a Lieutenant, who is in charge of grievances against Officers/Employess and this Lieutenant told them that she didn’t have time for this trivial crap.

This same employee who runs the canteen was reported when she threw a girls canteen store at her, and nothing was done. She also does our mail here and she repeated what she read to another inmate who works for her in the canteen, and that inmate came back in the dorm and spread what she was told.

There is no professionalism here. When we get our food boxes and hygiene boxes that our families pay for, and there are extra items, these items are kept by the women who work in admin, – Wardens secretary, PMOD Lady, as well as the woman who runs the canteen. When we get donations of shampoo, conditioner and soaps, the “good stuff” is kept by these same individuals and they take them home with them.

This camp does not abide by the PREA guidelines. We are cursed and called names by Officers. These Officers tell us they don’t care if we write on them, there is even reverse racism here, by black Officers and black inmates. Derogatory comments are made to us white inmates by black Officers and inmates and nothing is done. Our cries fall on deaf ears. Our Captain here, always sides with her Officers and calls us liars, who have the courage to speak out against her Officers.

Every Officer, supervisor, and employee here abuses their position. We report and report and are ignored and ignored.

Transcribed by admin form a statement by an inmate who would prefer her identity not be revealed due to retaliation.

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